BB&N MS Walkout

Help Protest Gun Violence to Protect Our School and Honor Those Who Have Lost Their Lives

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The Women's March Association is organizing a National School Walkout to protest gun violence on March 14th. Ours however will not be the same time due to the snow day. It will happen on March 15th at 10 AM for 17 minutes. This will be during the first 15 minutes of G Block and the first two minutes of break. There will be powerful speeches, bracelets handed out, and a moment to remember those who have lost their lives. There will be no repercussion to those who participate. There will be a follow up activity-discussion/meeting during Friday E-Block where we will make cards and letters to those affected in the recent shooting at MSDHS and have a discussion about gun violence.


The walkout will help honor those who have died in recent shootings. The 17 minutes each represent one person who died in the shooting in Florida on February 14th. The walkout will also protest gun laws with the hope of showing congress this is an important problem. If congress makes more laws about who can buy guns, it will make our schools safer. After the walkout, there will be an option to reflect and write cards to the people at the school where the Florida shooting happened.

WARNING: This video contains content that may make some viewers uncomfortable